PJP 009 | Rent A Jet – Here’s How

Few people have the resources to fly privately. It's an exclusive club, for sure. But for some emerging entrepreneurs and rising-star business executives, the barriers to entry for private jet travel have lowered, significantly. Today, one can rent a … [Continue reading]

PJP 008 | Simple Safety Solutions For Private Jets

In this episode you'll learn three simple safety solutions you can use to reduce risk and increase safety for you, your people or family, and your private jet. Safety success in aviation is often compared to links in a chain. When all the links in … [Continue reading]

PJP 007 | Private Jet Maintenance Matters

Maintaining your private jet matters when it comes to increasing value and reducing risk. But, how do you maintain your private jet? What do you need? And, what do you watch for when it comes to private jet maintenance so you, your people, or your … [Continue reading]

PJP 006 | Facility Fundamentals For Private Jets

Once the right equipment (airplane) is secured, the next step is finding suitable facilities to store and support your private jet. But, what matters most... and what should you look for in ground-based assets to increase value and reduce … [Continue reading]

PJP 005 | Private Jet Equipment Expectations

Too many private jet principals, partners, and passengers make the mistake of buying and relying on the wrong equipment. When this happens, expectations are not met... and everyone gets frustrated. In this episode you'll learn three reasons why … [Continue reading]

PJP 004 | First Who, The Right People & Partners For Your Private Jet

In this episode I review the "First Who" principal for your private jet ventures. This idea was popularized by Jim Collins in his book, "Good To Great." But, why is it important to aviation? Simple. Because just like in your business, getting the … [Continue reading]

PJP 003 | Investment Intent & Policy

Private jet investment intent and policy (or lack of) can mean the difference in owning, operating, and flying on a private jet the right way... or the headache way. Get it right, and ROI goes up. Get it wrong, and you're back on the airlines in no … [Continue reading]

PJP 002 | Vision, Values, & Leadership

This episode dives into three business basics applied to private aviation for improving value and reducing risk. Learn how to turn these fundamentals into questions that can make owning, operating, and flying on private jets a successful venture vs. … [Continue reading]

PJP 001 | Show Premise & Key Questions

In this first episode, I discuss the premise of the show and define my unapologetic position on applying proven business principles to private aviation. And, I address the two most important success factors that are unknowingly overlooked by many who … [Continue reading]