PJP 006 | Facility Fundamentals For Private Jets

Once the right equipment (airplane) is secured, the next step is finding suitable facilities to store and support your private jet. But, what matters most… and what should you look for in ground-based assets to increase value and reduce risk?

This episode delivers candid answers to these questions. And, I cover one financial factor about fuel that is critically important to saving money.

When considering facilities for your jet, you'll be dealing with the airport and the hangar (both at home-base and while traveling). Specifically


  • Runway (length, width, weight, & weather capabilities)
  • Approach & Airspace (ILS, GPS, WAAS, congestion, restrictions)
  • Noise (aircraft engine stages & airport curfews)
  • Airline Service (positioning people & back up plans)


    • Fuel (contract fuel & contamination)
    • Maintenance (full-time, contract, parts & tools availability)
    • Security (business threats & personal threats)
    • Amenities (car parking, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, kitchen, & entertaining)

    I also cover owning vs. renting these facilities and some facts on fuel that may save you 6 to 7 figures a year in costs.

    Listen to the show to learn how you can avoid this common mistake and be sure you have the right ground support facilities for your private jet ventures.


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    Question For Comment:

    What facility fundamental matters most in your private jet travel?

    Leave your comment below, on the listener line at 586-330-0802, or email me at tom (AT) privatejetpodcast (DOT) com.

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