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The Private Jet Podcast shares my deep fascination with safety, service, & leadership in business and private aviation.

However, the show’s short segments leave little time for sharing additional things in my stack of stuff. So, I created a private audio feed where we loosen up, talk candidly, and laugh lots (at my fumbles). I call it TIPS.


TIPS is your exclusive pass to additional Private Jet Podcast content produced “after the show.” In these segments, we talk business and private aviation informally, and on a more personal level, on topics like:


Valuable lessons I’ve learned over two decades that have helped me serve better and move forward faster.


Thoughts on my mind about solving problems, executing, and getting results in aviation and life.

Personal Stories

Tales past and present about wins, challenges, and defeats on the ground and in the air.

Here’s How

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Throughout each month I’ll send you TIPS conversations by email. When you receive a TIPS email, simply click the link in the email and be redirected to the private audio feed. Simple.

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