Welcome to The Private Jet Podcast!

If you own or operate business or private aircraft, this online audio show is for you!

You’ll hear conversations and interviews with industry leaders on reducing risk and increasing value in business and private aviation.

Some episodes are hosted solo by Tom Wachowski. Other episodes feature experts sharing advice and perspective (for free) on topics like:

  • Conducting due diligence, to save you money
  • Negotiating agreements, that benefit you first
  • Acquiring aircraft, suitable for your mission
  • Reselling aircraft, that you no longer need
  • Taming taxes, because it's your money
  • Hiring staff, that exceed your expectations
  • Setting up operations, to serve your needs
  • Manage departments, to support your assets
  • Insuring assets, to protect your interests
  • Training people, for high performance
  • Auditing processes, for your peace of mind
  • Increasing value, that you're already paying for
  • Reducing risk, that might not be apparent

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Your Host

Tom Wachowski is an Aviation Professional focused on safety, service, and leadership to reduce risk and increase value in business, corporate, and private flying.

He founded the Private Jet Podcast to serve the business aviation community and continuously learn best practices within the industry.

Tom's professional background includes nearly two decades in aviation including airline, charter, and corporate flight operations. Today, he flies a Falcon 2000 LXS in the United States.

You can reach Tom directly here.