PJP 004 | First Who, The Right People & Partners For Your Private Jet

In this episode I review the “First Who” principal for your private jet ventures. This idea was popularized by Jim Collins in his book, “Good To Great.” But, why is it important to aviation? Simple. Because just like in your business, getting the right people and partners in your private jet ventures improves value and reduces risk.

Collins authored the idea like this; “get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the us… then drive it somewhere great.” When it comes to owning, operating, or flying on a private jet, ignoring this principal reduces value and increases risk… exactly what you do not want.

I also cover Jack Welch's book “Winning” where he talks about what to look for in people and partners. In my opinion, this is Jack's application of the “First Who” concept that Collins discovered so critical to success. In short, Welch looks for:

  • Integrity & Intelligence (not to be mistaken for gobs of education)
  • Maturity, Energy, Edge (ability to make decisions), & Execution
  • Passion, Authenticity, Ability to see around corners

Essentially, Welch looks for things that can't necessarily be learned. They either exist or not. His approach differs from the common practice of “going into business” with someone based on degrees, certifications, ratings (things that can be learned). Welch prefers to focus on the foundation of a person first.

No matter if you're familiar with Collins's and Welch's work, this episode will align their experience and findings with owning, operating, and flying on  your private jet the right way. Give it a listen!

Mentioned in the show: Good To Great (book)  |  Winning (book)

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Question For Comment:

How important is “First Who” when choosing people and partners in your private jet ventures?

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