#47 | “Quality by Design” in Business Aviation

All industries… small and large, local and global, succeed or struggle based on quality. This is most evident in manufacturing… think Toyota vs. American car manufacturers.

But, other sectors center on quality, too… from healthcare to energy to technology to transportation:  the “good vs. great” differentiator is always quality, revealed in various metrics including people, process, product, operations, sales, and more.

In Business Aviation, it’s easy to use the foolish formula:  takeoffs = landings = quality. But…

Based on real-world data and front-line experience, that equation is simply not true.

High safety margins hide out in quality cracks that can, and sometimes do, compromise outcome integrity.  Think incident or accident.

Discovering and correcting these cracks requires professional people, passion, thinking, training, continuous improvement and learning… all mixed together in a “right attitude” bowl. Here's where to start.

Quality Areas w/in Business Aviation

Here's the correct algorithm. Lower quality = higher risk.  Higher quality = lower risk. In business aviation, quality (or lack of it) leaks  into three areas, all discussed in the episode.

  • Acquiring
  • Operating
  • Sustaining

Quality By Design – by Juran

Decades ago, Juran defined the process whereby quality could be obtained in any product or service. His framework consisted of three quality pillars:

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement

In the episode at 5:11 (click play button above), you'll hear an excerpt from Juran's text that makes a clear cut case for designing quality into your business aviation ventures.

No matter where you are on this business-aviation-use timeline…acquiring, operating, or sustaining a business aircraft… incorporating the Juran quality pillars:  1) Planning 2) Control and 3) Improvement can improve the risk/value ratio you’re seeing in the data and that you’re feeling in daily use.

Mentioned in the Show

Quality By Design Book

Upset Recovery Training (PJP #18)

Your Opinion?

What pillar(s) will improve your business aviation organization in the next 90 days?  Share your opinions on the website, or with me directly here.

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