PJP 017 | Attitude Matters in Business Aviation

In this episode, you’ll learn why attitude in business aviation matters more than excellent equipment, top technology, and superior systems. And, we’ll cover the 3 attitude aspects responsible for more safety and more savings in your private jet ventures.

Attitude Obstacles

As important as attitude is in business and business aviation, it isn't given enough attention… until a loss is experienced in time, money, or life.

Attitude is sometimes laced with too much ego. And, aviation does attract egos that can lead to the wrong attitude. And, those egos are necessary for decision making and confidence. But, egos must be balanced with humility.

Finally, attitude is “software.” It's hard to quantify and measure. And, because it's “soft,” it's given too low a priority.

Fortunately, studies in emotional intelligence (essentially, attitude) are getting looked at more and more as key factors to success in business (and business aviation).

Aspects to Attitude

What three aspects of attitude matter to you in your private jet ventures?

  • Humility (thoughtful vs. thoughtless)
  • Heart (giving vs. taking)
  • High Performance (results vs. reasons)

Listen to the show here (or click the player above) to learn more about these important attitude factors.

Attitudes On Attitude

Yes, finding the right attitude (person) is tough. In his book, “It's All About Who You Hire, How They Lead, and Other Essential Advice from a Self-Made Leader,” Morton Mandel writes on how long he sometimes searched for the right person (right attitude) to lead his companies and business units. Sometimes, the search took years. But, it was always worth it.

And yes, the right attitude usually costs more money. Look, leadership is a rare commodity. And like anything in scarce supply, it costs more. However, often the right attitude delivers value missed by going with the cheaper manager.

Sometimes we hear that attitude doesn't matter much. But, ask Greg Feith how important attitude is. He investigated numerous high-profile aircraft accidents for the Nat'l Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). What common theme did Greg discover among airplane accidents?  Attitude… specifically, attitudes lacking humility, heart, and high-performance.

Attitude does matter.

Mentioned In The Show

Morton Mandel, CEO Premier Industrial Corp (retired)

Greg Feith, NTSB (retired)

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