PJP 020 | Collaborative Crews Protect You

In this episode, we're talking people. Specifically how well your people in aviation work together (or don’t) to protect you, your interests, and your asset(s).

Do they collaborate?  Or, are they divided?  How do you know?  And, what can you do to ensure synergy among your crewmembers?

Since your airplane and private travels represent a significant financial commitment, having competent, collaborative crews is essential to protecting you, your interests, and your assets.

Beneath The Surface

But don't all crew members collaborate? It would seem that way… since flights have gone fine, conversations with staff have been pleasant… and overall, you have few complaints about experiences on your private plane.

This might be only half the story.

Bernie Madoff produced financial statements and sales pitches that looked legit, too. Today we know underneath it all, he was hiding what was really happening behind the scenes. And, people lost money.

Your crew members are likely NOT lying to you like Bernie. But, beneath the surface, another plot may be playing out. How confident are you that all is well with, and between, the people managing your private jet?

Sometimes, tenure with your aircraft reveals problem people and poor performance. Other times, shared stories from fellow jet owners and operators exposes these challenges. In every case, emotional intelligence plays a part.

Collaborative crew members can carry out the candid conversations necessary to providing an exceptional private jet ownership and travel experience.

Divided crew members split flight departments into sides, silos, and seclusion. This raises your risk.

Discern & Develop Crews

How do you tell collaborative crews from divided crews? Look for:

  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Performance

We cover each of these in detail inside this episode.

Growing Your People

How do you develop collaboration in your crews?

In your business ventures, you've likely leaned on a system to recognize talent and develop the right people into leaders to ultimately manage your assets (business, financial, property, etc.). Since your private jet and associated travels represent a significant asset, having a similar talent management system in place can help grow your crew members into a more collaborative team.

Also, make your culture clear. If you truly trust your crews, tell them. Share how important their professionalism is to you, your interests, and your assets. This provides fundamental direction for them to make decisions that best serve you.

Finally, train crew members beyond aviation. Use tools like the DISC model, MBTI personality assesment, and 360 reviews to help crew members understand how each other thinks, perceives, and makes decisions.

Common Concerns

Often, private jet owners and operators believe that because they hired someone (a pilot or management company), these problems largely disappear.

Unfortunately, while these people and entities can meet the minimums to operate your jet asset, they are usually untrained and unprepared for people management. As in business, people development in aviation improves net results.

Sometimes, principals believe facilitating more collaboration among crew members takes time. But, quick conversations carry significant weight with aviation professionals.

Talk with them, away from the airplane, about what's on your mind. Spend time with them individually (perhaps a quarterly or semi-annual informal meeting). Or, show up early for a flight. Observe crew member interactions. Ask questions. Your people, if they're truly collaborative… will love sharing their passion (taking care of you and your jet). You'll see collaboration alive and well.

This subject sits close to my heart. I simply see too many private flight departments running unnecessarily risky operations because people aren't collaborating effectively.

I hope this episode helps ensure your crew members are collaborating to protect you, your interests, and your assets!

Enjoy the show.

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