PJP 007 | Private Jet Maintenance Matters

Maintaining your private jet matters when it comes to increasing value and reducing risk. But, how do you maintain your private jet? What do you need? And, what do you watch for when it comes to private jet maintenance so you, your people, or your family remain safe in the skies?

Great maintenance leads to a great private jet experience. Poor maintenance leads to a painful private jet experience: downtime, delays, damage, or even death (remember Payne Stewart).

What's required for great maintenance? The right vision, people, programs, and product support.

What should one watch for when it comes to maintenance? The culture, processes, paperwork, and something that few do… a differentiator that can save a private jet principal, partner, or passenger money, time, hassle, and headaches.

It's so easy (and free). I cover it in the episode. Give it a listen today!

Mentioned In The Show

Aircraft Component Insurance Programs

JSSI:  Jet Support Services, Inc.

Gulfstream's PlaneParts

Dassult Falcon's FalconCare

Honeywell's MSP 

Bombardier's SmartParts

CAMP (maintenance & management system, not mentioned in show)


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Question For Comment:

What’s your maintenance vision, statement, north star that your maintenance team follows to improve value and reduce risk in your private jet operation?

Leave your comment below, on the listener line at 586-330-0802, or email me at tom (AT) privatejetpodcast (DOT) com.

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