PJP 002 | Vision, Values, & Leadership

This episode dives into three business basics applied to private aviation for improving value and reducing risk. Learn how to turn these fundamentals into questions that can make owning, operating, and flying on private jets a successful venture vs. a giant headache.

  • Vision: What is the fundamental reason, the purpose, for your private jet?
  • Values: What is important in owning, operating, and flying on your private aircraft?
  • Leadership: Do you have the right people, in the right seats, driving your plane in the right direction?

And, I'll reveal the number one thing to look for in the people associated with your private jet. You may be shocked to learn that it's more important than experience, credentials, financials, and other common decision-making metrics. Enjoy!

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Question For Comment:

What other business basics do you deem essential in your private jet ventures?

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