PJP 003 | Investment Intent & Policy

Private jet investment intent and policy (or lack of) can mean the difference in owning, operating, and flying on a private jet the right way… or the headache way. Get it right, and ROI goes up. Get it wrong, and you're back on the airlines in no time… wasting time.

This episode discusses how smart principals, partners, and passengers clarify intent before investing in private aviation to:

  1. Recognize the value the aircraft provides to the business (or family).
  2. Communicate how the aircraft supports the business strategies behind the mission.
  3. Justify the capital expenditure to the board, shareholders, or stakeholders (other family members).
  4. Establish precedent for using the asset to the same aforementioned parties.
  5. Protect against abuse or brand / image compromise.

While the last episode asked, “what is the fundamental reason for the private jet?” (the vision)… and, “what is important in owning, operating, and flying on the private jet?” (values)… it's now time to zoom in and ask, “how do we intend to fulfill our private jet vision and values?”

Mentioned in the show: No Plane No Gain

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Question For Comment:

What policy best helps you fulfill your private jet investment intent?

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