PJP 013 | 3 Support Systems Your Jet Needs

Today you’ll learn 3 support systems your jet needs to make enjoying your private travels safer, simpler, and smoother… with less risk and more value.  I’ll cover them because I just don’t see all 3 of these support systems inside of many private jet operations. So, the principals, partners, and passengers end up paying more, for less… in terms of money yes… but also sometimes in terms of safety. You deserve more… let's go!

System Challenges

So, how do you make operating your private jet venture is safer, simpler, and smoother? Implement systems… just like you do in business. But, in private aviation, the challenge is threefold.  These systems…

1) are not viewed as real strategic operational advantages.

2) are not though of as things that CAN be systemized, with procedures, to make traveling easier.

3) are not given the attention necessary to dramatically lower cost.

Flying Frustrations

Without these three support systems, flying can quickly get frustrating. How can you tell if this is happening in your private jet ventures? Perhaps something has caught your attention on recent travels. Your gut feeling felt “off.”  Or, maybe trips just are  not running smoothly. Maybe, the numbers (bills) are not getting strategic reviews so costs can be reduced or allocated with more strategy.

I've seen private aircraft run both ways, with and without these three support systems (and others). The differentiator is always culture. Those cultures that do not value these support systems have a “bulldozer blasting through the forest” philosophy behind their jet operations. Those cultures that do value these support systems have a “get it done with strategy, smarts, and simple common sense” approach to operating the jet.

Support Systems That Matter

So, what are these three support systems? Listen to the podcast to learn the details behind each. Here's an overview:

Safety Systems: it reduces risk to people (you, your family, your associates) and planes.

Scheduling Systems: it simplifies your total experience, and makes life easier for your staff.

Supplier Systems: it provides major cost savings, specifically with fuel and maintenance.

How do you know if your private jet ventures are enjoying one or more of these systems? Simple. Ask… ask your private jet leadership (director, chief pilot, pilot, mechanic, flight attendant, etc.).

How can you get these systems in place (if they're lacking)? Easy. Get the right people on your bus. Then, provide them with a culture of strategy, sharing information, communication, and common sense… all those aspects you built your business with.

Finally, is all of this necessary? Do you really need these three support systems for your jet? In short, nope. But… without them (and others), expect more risk and less value. You and I both know that you, your family, and your associates using the jet deserve more. These support systems will help bring your private jet ventures up a level.


The three support systems that your jet needs to make enjoying your private jet safer, simpler, and smoother are:  safety systems, scheduling systems, supplier systems.  To get them, simply get the right people on your team… a practice I bet you already follow in your business.  Apply it to your private jet and you’ll lower your risk and improve your value.

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Question For Comment:

What one system (covered here or not covered here) do you depend on most to make your private jet ventures safe, smooth, and enjoyable?  Is it safety, scheduling, or suppliers… or is it something not covered here?  Head to privatejetpodcast.com/013 to share your perspective and experience.

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