PJP 023 | Aviation HR (Part 3 of 3): Retaining The Right People w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson

In my business aviation career, I’ve personally noticed a link between more risk and having the wrong people involved in an owner’s or operator’s business aviation assets.  Yet, we know from business, academia, and real-world reports… that keeping A-players promotes and produces a higher ROI.  In business aviation that equates to the largest margins of safety and superior service, all at the most economical cost.

Industry Leadership Weighs In

In this episode, part three of a three-part series on HR in Aviation, Pete Agur and Don Henderson from The VanAllen Group are joining the show again, this time to share their perspectives on retaining the right people to reduce risk and increase value.

The VanAllen Group is a business aviation management consultancy team with a 300+ client base including large corps, high net-worth individuals, family offices, and royal families.

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to previous episodes with Pete and Don; #21 on finding and hiring aviation leaders, and #22 on developing and managing your aviation talent.

 Key Factors Covered

  • With turnover somewhat common in the industry, why should owners and operators concern themselves with keeping the right people and removing the wrong people?
  • What are the obstacles when it comes to retaining the right people and removing the wrong people within an aviation team / dept.?
  • How can owners and operators retain the right people (what works in business aviation)?

Go-To Professionals

Numerous complex decisions must be made when entering, exiting, owning, and operating a business aircraft. In this space, where mistakes make their way to the bottom line quickly, it makes sense to rely on the perspective and experience of someone who knows:

  • What to pay attention to.

  • What things mean.

  • How things work.

  • How things might turn out.

Few experts or entities bring such breadth of business-aviation knowledge and real-world industry background to the table like The VanAllen Group.  Contact Pete or Don today to continue the conversations on reducing risk and increasing value in your private aviation ventures.

A Personal Thank You

The value packed into this episode, along with episodes #22 and #21, provide priceless lessons that make business aviation better.  Pete's and Don's time, perspective, support, leadership, and old-fashioned generosity to the show have meant the world to me. Thank you, gentleman.

Mentioned In The Show

The VanAllen Group – 770-507-5001

Pete Agur, Chairman & Founder – VanAllen

Email:  PAgur (AT) vanallen.com

Don Henderson, Director of Consulting Services – VanAllen

Email:  DHenderson (AT) vanallen.com


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