PJP 022 | Aviation HR (part 2 of 3): Developing, Motivating, & Managing Your Aviation Talent w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson

During my time in business aviation, I’ve personally noticed a link between more risk and an organizational culture that does not value developing, motivating, and managing aviation talent.

People development is a key element supporting the business and life success behind principals that own or travel on private aircraft.

Yet, when it comes to the people staffing of private aircraft, talent development and management gets skipped… so risk increases, and value decreases.

That's why Pete Agur and Don Henderson from The VanAllen Group are back today to talk about how you can grow your people so they add more value to, and subtract more risk from. your business aviation ventures.

Leading Experts

The VanAllen Group is a business aviation management consultancy team with a 300+ client base including large corps, high net-worth individuals, family offices, and royal families.

In this episode, Pete and Don discuss current best practices to promote growth, leadership, and contribution in your staff.  If people are important to you and your success, give this episode your full attention.

Key Factors Covered

  • Why should business aircraft owners and operators concern themselves with talent development, motivation, and management (doesn’t the chief pilot or management company handle this already)?
  •  How can business jet owners and operators develop, motivate, and manage their aviation talent (staff)? What does this look like?
  • What causes principals or companies to value (or NOT value) talent development, motivation, and management?

Professional Perspective

In this episode, you'll hear Pete and Don make points, share ideas, and provide perspective to help you grow leaders in your aviation team. It's a must-listen for anyone that owns or operates business aircraft and/or a flight department.

To carry on the conversation, reach out to VanAllen using the contact information below.

Mentioned In The Show

The VanAllen Group – 770-507-5001

Pete Agur, Chairman & Founder – VanAllen

Email:  PAgur (AT) vanallen.com

Don Henderson, Director of Consulting Services – VanAllen

Email:  DHenderson (AT) vanallen.com


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