PJP 021 | Aviation HR (part 1 of 3): Finding & Hiring Aviation Leaders w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson


In my business aviation career, I've personally noticed the link between more risk and the wrong people.

What's odd is that the people who can afford business aviation usually achieved such ability because they were experts at finding the right people to run things (their ventures, businesses, products, services, fortunes).

Yet, in many cases… these same smart folks skip the “people step” when it comes to their assets invested in business aviation.  This “miss” can get costly… financially, mentally, and sometimes… physically.

And that’s why I wanted to dedicate 3 episodes to this important issue: human resources in business aviation.

Backed by Experience

To help, we're joined by Pete Agur and Don Henderson from The VanAllen Group, a business aviation management consultancy team with a 300+ client base including large corps, high net-worth individuals, family offices, and royal families.

In this episode, Pete and Don provide decades of perspective and experience to help you find and hire the right people to manage and operate your business aviation asset(s).

Key Factors Covered

  • Why should owners and operators pay special attention to finding and hiring aviation leaders, vs. accepting any applicant, in filling a position within their business aviation assets?
  • What factors are important for owners and operators to consider (in finding and hiring leaders)?
  • Who has the greatest direct impact on safety?
  • How can owners and operators go about finding and hire aviation leaders?

More Valuable Perspective

Pete's and Don's discussions reveal multiple “nuggets” that will help you find and hire the right people for your business aviation ventures.

To carry on the conversation, reach out to VanAllen using the contact information below.

Mentioned In The Show

The VanAllen Group – 770-507-5001

Pete Agur, Chairman & Founder – VanAllen

Email:  PAgur (AT) vanallen.com

Don Henderson, Director of Consulting Services – VanAllen

Email:  DHenderson (AT) vanallen.com


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