PJP 005 | Private Jet Equipment Expectations

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Too many private jet principals, partners, and passengers make the mistake of buying and relying on the wrong equipment. When this happens, expectations are not met… and everyone gets frustrated.

In this episode you'll learn three reasons why the right equipment matters so much:

  • The right equipment saves money.
  • The right equipment reduces risk.
  • The right equipment increases value.

I'll discuss how to match equipment to meet your expectations, too.

Remember, getting the right equipment is a data problem. Like business, with the right private jet data you can make the right decisions. It's also a supplier problem. Like business, the right asset partners (broker, insurance, manager, & maintenance associates) will meet and exceed your expectations.  It's the First Who concept discussed in episode 4.

This episode is packed with simple examples that will help you match the right equipment to meet your expectations so you can enjoy all the value you're paying for. Enjoy!

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Question For Comment:

How do YOU match equipment to meet your expectations in private aviation?

Leave your comment below, on the listener line at 586-330-0802, or email me at tom (AT) privatejetpodcast (DOT) com.



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