#32 | Change

In life, business, and business aviation, change is the one constant. In this episode you’ll learn how change affects safety and spend in business aviation, all based on the famous text, “Who Moved My Cheese.” This book is a must-supply, must-review tool for your team. Here’s why: Old beliefs do […]

#31 | The Safety Management System (SMS) in Business Aviation w/ Dr. B.J. Goodheart

What if their were a tool that could identify and manage risks and inefficiencies in your business aviation ventures? We’re talking about the SMS, or Safety Management System.  And, here to help us better understand the benefits of an SMS is Dr. BJ Goodheart. SMS Expertise Dr. Goodheart brings 20 years […]

PJP 030 | Applying Business Aircraft Depreciation w/ Ryan DeMoor (Part 2 of 2)

Owners and operators of business aviation expect the financials of their private aircraft to be aligned with IRS, FAA, and possibly SEC rules.  But, for directors and chief pilots… meeting this expectation is easier said than done. To help us today, Ryan DeMoor joins the show to continue sharing his […]

PJP 029 |Business Aircraft Depreciation w/ Ryan DeMoor (Part 1 of 2)

After a break for vacation and initial training, we’re back with new episodes on reducing risk and increasing value in business aviation. Improving The Numbers What if we could improve the financials of owning and operating business aircraft simply by accounting for the asset in a more strategic manner… with […]

PJP 028 | Cut Business Aviation Costs By Communicating Better

Clear communication in business aviation can lower costs and add extra value for an owner or operator. From safety and service to schedules, staffing, and organization setup, better communication leads to better results for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone communicates effectively. We’ve all experienced it… poor communication leading to poor performance. […]

PJP 027 | Culture, The Secret Sauce to Safety in Business, Corporate, & Private Aviation

The right culture is the key to safety, service, and continuous success for an aviation unit. But, creating the right culture isn’t easy. It takes some training, plenty of time, and tons of trust between team members. The results can be amazing: improved attitudes, clearer communication, efficient collaboration, along with […]

PJP 026 | Meticulous Aircraft Appearance Care w/ Jim Mathiasch of Jet Clean 360

In this episode, we’re on site in sunny Scottsdale, AZ to cover a common question: “How important is aircraft appearance to private jet owners and operators?” Jim Mathiasch of Jet Clean 360 talks today about how vital aircraft appearance is to protecting value (the dollars invested) and providing a more […]

PJP 025 | The Private Jet Cabin Experience w/ Vince Restivo

When we think of business and corporate aircraft, we imagine luxury, comfort, quality, and tomorrow’s technology, today… all delivered in working order, on time, on or below budget. These images refer specifically to the private jet cabin.  And, when it’s done correctly, passengers have a travel experience that surpasses all […]

PJP 024 | Business Aviation Insurance w/ Stuart Hope

A business aircraft represents one of the largest risk exposures for private aircraft owners and operators. This risk can be mitigated using industry best practices. But, sometimes incidents, accidents, and old fashioned bad luck still show up. When they do, having a bullet proof business aviation insurance strategy in place […]

PJP 023 | Aviation HR (Part 3 of 3): Retaining The Right People w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson

In my business aviation career, I’ve personally noticed a link between more risk and having the wrong people involved in an owner’s or operator’s business aviation assets.  Yet, we know from business, academia, and real-world reports… that keeping A-players promotes and produces a higher ROI.  In business aviation that equates […]

PJP 022 | Aviation HR (part 2 of 3): Developing, Motivating, & Managing Your Aviation Talent w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson

During my time in business aviation, I’ve personally noticed a link between more risk and an organizational culture that does not value developing, motivating, and managing aviation talent. People development is a key element supporting the business and life success behind principals that own or travel on private aircraft. Yet, […]

PJP 021 | Aviation HR (part 1 of 3): Finding & Hiring Aviation Leaders w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson

In my business aviation career, I’ve personally noticed the link between more risk and the wrong people. What’s odd is that the people who can afford business aviation usually achieved such ability because they were experts at finding the right people to run things (their ventures, businesses, products, services, fortunes). […]