#33 | Protecting Aircraft Value With Well Managed Maintenance Logbooks w/ Jerry Buccola, MBA

Aircraft maintenance logbooks document all activity related to work performed on your jet. From calibrating components to removing and replacing parts, aircraft maintenance logbooks can reveal either proper or poor aircraft management practices.

When logbooks are managed right, your jet’s value is maintained (you keep more money). When done wrong, your jet’s value deteriorates dramatically (you may lose more money)

From Exposed Paper to Electronic Protection

On the surface, this sounds simple: move maintenance documentation processes from paper logs to electronic record keeping. But, a deeper dive into “going digital” reveals additional, hugely positive aspects that can reduce risk and increase value in your business aviation investments. Aircraft Maintenance Logs are an asset within an asset. With so much financial value tied to these documents, it make sense to manage, maintain, and protect them appropriately.

For total clarity on the subject we’re joined by Jerry Buccola from V-Log Aircraft Digital Records Management. In this episode Jerry I discuss:

  • The definition and real-world function of aircraft maintenance logbooks
  • Why owning and protecting these critical documents can protect your net worth
  • Examples of digital backup, search, and security benefits for jet owners and operators
  • How V-Log saves costly man-hours of maintenance labor in 135 charter operations, pre-buy inspections, and FAA audits
  • The free ebook, “The Twelve Common Logbook Mistakes,” quick, mandatory reading for jet owners and operators

Mentioned In The Show

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Jerry Buccola, MBA, Sr. Sales Representative 


How do you manage, maintain, and protect your aircraft maintenance logbooks? Do you use paper, electronic, or a combination of best practices to protect your private jet's value?

Share your feedback below or confidentially here.

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