Aircraft Digital Records Management

Did you know… aircraft maintenance logbooks can represent 30% of your business jet's value?

  • $10MM Aircraft (Citation, Learjet, Phenom) = $3MM in records value
  • $30MM Aircraft (Challenger 350, 650, , Falcon 2000, G280) = $9MM in records value
  • $60MM Aircraft (Global Express, Falcon 7X, 8X, G650, ) = $18MM in records value

V-Log is a simple, safe, secure system to manage, backup, search (read, FAA, SEC, IRS audit), and secure the value locked up in your jet's maintenance records.

Listen to the interview with V-Log, visit V-Log online, and contact them today to ensure you're reducing risk and increasing value in your business aviation ventures.

V-Log Phone: (425) 606-1693

V-Log Email: 


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