PJP 024 | Business Aviation Insurance w/ Stuart Hope

A business aircraft represents one of the largest risk exposures for private aircraft owners and operators. This risk can be mitigated using industry best practices. But, sometimes incidents, accidents, and old fashioned bad luck still show up. When they do, having a bullet proof business aviation insurance strategy in place is crucial to protecting people and assets.

Aviation Insurance Expertise

To help, in this episode we’re joined by Mr. Stuart Hope of Hope Aviation. Since 1979 he’s focused on insurance and risk management solutions for business aircraft, charter operations, aircraft management companies, helicopter operators, and FBOs.  Stuart’s 35 years of aviation insurance experience includes a degree in Economic Security from the University of South Caroline’s Moore School of Business and expertise as a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter and Certified Aviation Insurance Professional.  Stuart is also an ATP and frequent speaker / author for NBAA, World Aircraft Sales, and Business Jet Traveler Magazines.

Today, Stuart brings his 35 years of aviation insurance experience to the show to help ensure you know what to look for, what to ask, and what matters most when it comes protecting against risks in business aviation.

4 Business Aviation Insurance Factors

Stuart covers four areas where most claim denials originate, including a real-world $9M claim denial story.

  1. Pilots
  2. Usage
  3. Named Insured
  4. Contracts

We also discuss the importance of communicating openly (and often) with your insurance broker and how to annually audit your business aviation insurance program to ensure the protection you're paying for is in place.

You'll find that Stuart brings knowledge, experience, and a genuine concern for your best interest. Listen to this episode and give Stuart a call to ensure you're business aviation insurance strategy is sound.

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