PJP 026 | Meticulous Aircraft Appearance Care w/ Jim Mathiasch of Jet Clean 360

In this episode, we're on site in sunny Scottsdale, AZ to cover a common question: “How important is aircraft appearance to private jet owners and operators?”

Jim Mathiasch of Jet Clean 360 talks today about how vital aircraft appearance is to protecting value (the dollars invested) and providing a more productive and enjoyable travel experience… for principals, passengers, crews and management companies.

Meticulousness Matters

Proper private jet detailing is also about protecting asset value. For instance, clean airplanes might corrode less… which can equate to a higher selling price at asset disposal time.

And, as my Dad says… “Clean stuff works better.”  In the private jet industry, equipment cleaned properly might not break as often… which can equate to lower maintenance costs.

Meticulous aircraft appearance care can make a massive dollar difference.

The Cabin Care Kit, $49

For crews, Jim has created the Cabin Care Kit offered by Jet Clean 360.  He talks about this tool in the episode, providing a real-world example of how the kit helped a crew remove interior stains while stuck on a Caribbean island. Every airplane should have one.

Jim is making these kits available to show listeners for $49 (vs $99). He'll ship it world wide. Simply call him directly to get yours today.  (disclosure, this show receives zero compensation from your purchase of the Cabin Care Kit).

Thanks for offering that benefit to listeners, Jim!

Mentioned In The Show

Jet Clean 360 – Available in Arizona

Direct 24/7 Service:  480-599-6310

Email:  info (AT) JetClean360.com

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