PJP 015 | The Aircraft Cost Calculator w/ Chris Doerr

Today Chris Doerr from Fairway Aviation talks to us about the Aircraft Cost Calculator.  This tool helps private aircraft owners and operators determine actual costs of aviation before jumping in, or during operation (for financial forecasting and budgeting) of a private aircraft. Chris discusses Why knowing aircraft costs before going […]

PJP 014 | Create Time & Value With a Business Jet

Believe it or not, a private / business jet is a business. And, that business’s main product is time. It creates more time. More time equals more value in your life and in your business. So, to get maximum return from your “time business” (your jet)… that jet needs to be […]

PJP 013 | 3 Support Systems Your Jet Needs

Today you’ll learn 3 support systems your jet needs to make enjoying your private travels safer, simpler, and smoother… with less risk and more value.  I’ll cover them because I just don’t see all 3 of these support systems inside of many private jet operations. So, the principals, partners, and […]

PJP 012 | Is It Time To Own Your Private Jet?

Should you own your private jet (vs. charter, lease, or jet card access)? Find out in this episode where you’ll learn the three factors to consider when considering jet ownership. Private Jet Ownership – Why? The first factor is actually a question. It goes like this: “What’s important about owning […]

TravelSense (passenger time value tool)

Need to know the actual business hours, productivity, expenses, and family time saved by traveling privately? Then get TravelSense, a software application that helps you make private jet decisions backed up by real numbers. Be prepared to answer to your banker or your board with TravelSense. Get TravelSense  

The VanAllen Group (expert private aviation perspective)

Having the right perspective means you’ll fly north when indeed your destination is north.  But, if you’re not a business aviation or private jet expert, how can you be sure you’re running in the right direction… especially when it comes to moving forward with a large financial asset like a […]

Business Jet Traveler (periodical for non-aviation executives)

Own, operate, or fly on private jets? Then subscribe to Business Jet Traveler and join 35,000 C-level executives, high net-worth individuals and families who get authoritative, objective private aviation news and features. Everything is written for non-aviation readers who utilize private aviation to be more productive and enjoy more quality […]

Conklin & de Decker – Aviation Data For Decision Making

Conklin & de Decker is the trusted source for solid aviation data used to make the most suitable private aviation decisions. From purchase or sale to maintenance and aircraft management, Conklin de Decker provides various mediums to answer questions and supply data to back up decisions based on facts, not […]

PJP 011 | Should You Rent Out Your Private Jet?

In this episode, kind of our series on how to get access to a private jet, we’re going to talk to the people listening who own or lease a jet already and are considering charting that jet to other people.  You’ll learn the pros and cons to making your jet […]

PJP 010 | Jet Leasing, Fractional Ownership, & Cards w/ Robert James

In this episode you’ll learn about leasing a jet, or part of a jet, through fractional ownership and jet cards.  Robert James joins us to add perspective and expertise that will save you money and simplify the correct questions to ask when moving from the charter / rental private jet […]

PJP 009 | Rent A Jet – Here’s How

Few people have the resources to fly privately. It’s an exclusive club, for sure. But for some emerging entrepreneurs and rising-star business executives, the barriers to entry for private jet travel have lowered, significantly. Today, one can rent a jet for a reasonable cost. But why rent? And, how exactly […]

PJP 008 | Simple Safety Solutions For Private Jets

In this episode you’ll learn three simple safety solutions you can use to reduce risk and increase safety for you, your people or family, and your private jet. Safety success in aviation is often compared to links in a chain. When all the links in a safety chain stay connected, […]