PJP 014 | Create Time & Value With a Business Jet

Believe it or not, a private / business jet is a business. And, that business's main product is time. It creates more time. More time equals more value in your life and in your business. So, to get maximum return from your “time business” (your jet)… that jet needs to be run like a business.  But, too many business jet “businesses” are run like a hobby. This doesn't serve you… or create more time for your life.

Time The Conqueror

Time levels the playing field. We all get 24 hours… from the top to the bottom of an enterprise (profit or nonprofit), 8,670 hours in a year, or 744,600 hours in a lifetime (85 years). Time is the one commodity, the one limited resource that can't be created… or can it?

Many tools exist to create more time. For instance, people, scalable systems, computers, machines, and my favorite… the iPhone. This device simple saves (creates) time. A business airplane functions exactly the same. Saving (creating) time. This time leads to more living, more experiencing, more influencing (sharing your story), more impacting (getting results), and more money.

Business Jet Business

But, to maximize return on the business (your jet), the asset should be run like a business. This means clarity on the value proposition… financially and figuratively. It also means instilling leadership – getting the right people on the bus, in the right seats, and the wrong people off the best (classic Jim Collins). Finally, it means partnering with fiduciary experts. None of these concepts are new in your enterprise, business, or venture… but they're likely new to your time business (your jet).


A private / corporate jet is a time manufacturing business.  To get max return, run it like a business… and you’ll get not just more time, but more life, experience, influence, impact, and money! Need help? Contact me today. I'll help create more time with your business jet so you can create more value.

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Question For Comment:

Is your time used better with, or without, a private / business jet?

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