PJP 015 | The Aircraft Cost Calculator w/ Chris Doerr

Today Chris Doerr from Fairway Aviation talks to us about the Aircraft Cost Calculator.  This tool helps private aircraft owners and operators determine actual costs of aviation before jumping in, or during operation (for financial forecasting and budgeting) of a private aircraft.

Chris discusses

  • Why knowing aircraft costs before going into a transaction is critical
  • How the tool can help your jet / helicopter purchase decision
  • Examples of where the tool can save you money, time, and headaches in private aviation

Used by big name private jet operations nationwide, the Aircraft Cost Calculator is a must-have resource for anyone in private aviation.

Listen to the show and learn why you might consider adding this club (tool) to your business / corporate jet management “golf bag.”

To reach Chris for personalized advice and assistance with the tool:


info (AT) aircraftcostcalculator.com

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