PJP 010 | Jet Leasing, Fractional Ownership, & Cards w/ Robert James

In this episode you'll learn about leasing a jet, or part of a jet, through fractional ownership and jet cards.  Robert James joins us to add perspective and expertise that will save you money and simplify the correct questions to ask when moving from the charter / rental private jet market to the bigger step of full or partial ownership.  You'll also hear about jet cards, which can compliment a lease or fractional ownership opportunity.

Robert James Brings Expert Perspective

Robert gives a simple framework to help drive your decisions moving forward with leasing, fractional jet ownership, and purchasing a your own jet card.  We discuss important questions like:

1.  Trip frequency (and how it can factor into your net financial cash outlay)

2.  Upfront financial commitment comfort (and how to think about it with regard to your travel goals)

3.  Trip distance (and how to avoid the “two hour rule”)

4.  Minimizing Fees (and how simple tricks lead to saving cash while still staying safe)

Robert also talks about the industry rating system and how to apply it in your private jet ventures to reduce risk and improve value.

This episode should shorten any learning curve when it comes to leasing a jet (full or fractional) and using jet cards to fulfill certain travel needs.

Grab a coffee or your running gear and enjoy the episode!


Leasing your private jet in full, or in fraction can make sense when flying over 25 hours a year. By partnering with the right expert and asking the right questions, you can save money while staying safe in your private jet ventures.

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Auditing Companies

ARG/US – Aviation Research Group / US


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Question For Comment:

What's the one factor standing between you and leasing (full or partial) your private jet or using a jet card to fulfill your travel needs?

Leave your comment below, on the listener line at 586-330-0802, or email me at tom (AT) privatejetpodcast (DOT) com.

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