#39 | Cost Basics Behind Business Aviation w/ ProJet’s Shye Gilad

Business aviation is a competitive-advantage tool. And like any tool, business aviation requires mental and monetary investments to leverage time so users can maximize productivity and potential (at work and at home). Decoding the  financial framework that funds owning/operating a business aircraft (charter, fractional, full ownership) helps keep costs within […]

#38 | 3 Ways to Access Business Aviation w/ Author & 40 Year Industry Expert John Sheehan

The airplane is the most visible aspect of business aviation. And, accessing the airplane via charter, fractional ownership, or full ownership is where you’ll make the largest financial investments via acquisition and/or operating costs and management structure. Understanding your options here will reduce your investment risk and maximize the product/service […]

#37 | The “No Plane No Gain” Campaign w/ NBAA’s Dan Hubbard

Business aviation is a force multiplier… save time, produce more, reach prospects, keep customers, gain marketshare, increase earnings, grow profits; strategically, securely, safely. THIS is business aviation, an industry that annually contributes $150B to the US economy, employs 1.2MM people, links rural areas to unlimited opportunity, and delivers humanitarian aid […]

Accident/Disaster Planning & Preparedness

  Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving… And that’s why aviation accident/disaster planning and preparedness are absolutely necessary for owners and operators. Aviem Int’l. can help. Aviem specializes in helping high-consequence industries, including corporate aviation, position themselves […]

#36 | Aviation Accident / Disaster Planning & Preparedness w/ Aviem’s Russell Goutierez

  Reality check: bad things can happen to good business aviation flight departments. From single-owner planes to management company aircraft to Fortune-sized corporate jet fleets, accidents and disasters do happen. IF an accident or disaster occurs, how do we deliver care and compassion for the people affected and preserve the […]

#35 | Vital Communication Skills For Safer Operations w/ Summit Solution’s Founder Jodie Brown

Communicating clearly reduces operational and safety headwinds in business aviation. So, today we’re covering communication skills you can implement right away to manage your aviation assets faster, leaner, and safer no matter what chair you sit in; pilot, passenger, owner, or operator. To teach us better communication for business aviation, Jodie Brown from […]

#34 | How To Mitigate Operational Mistakes w/ Dan Dominguez from OpenSafety

The saying goes, “Good judgement comes from experience… and experience comes from bad judgement.” As a business aviation owner or operator, you expect your team to have both good judgement AND experience. Both protect your interests. However, mistake moments will happen. Pilots miss a required check. Maintenance Technicians miss a […]

Aircraft Digital Records Management

Did you know… aircraft maintenance logbooks can represent 30% of your business jet’s value? $10MM Aircraft (Citation, Learjet, Phenom) = $3MM in records value $30MM Aircraft (Challenger 350, 650, , Falcon 2000, G280) = $9MM in records value $60MM Aircraft (Global Express, Falcon 7X, 8X, G650, ) = $18MM in records […]

#33 | Protecting Aircraft Value With Well Managed Maintenance Logbooks w/ Jerry Buccola, MBA

Aircraft maintenance logbooks document all activity related to work performed on your jet. From calibrating components to removing and replacing parts, aircraft maintenance logbooks can reveal either proper or poor aircraft management practices. When logbooks are managed right, your jet’s value is maintained (you keep more money). When done wrong, […]

#32 | Change

In life, business, and business aviation, change is the one constant. In this episode you’ll learn how change affects safety and spend in business aviation, all based on the famous text, “Who Moved My Cheese.” This book is a must-supply, must-review tool for your team. Here’s why: Old beliefs do […]

#31 | The Safety Management System (SMS) in Business Aviation w/ Dr. B.J. Goodheart

What if their were a tool that could identify and manage risks and inefficiencies in your business aviation ventures? We’re talking about the SMS, or Safety Management System.  And, here to help us better understand the benefits of an SMS is Dr. BJ Goodheart. SMS Expertise Dr. Goodheart brings 20 years […]

PJP 030 | Applying Business Aircraft Depreciation w/ Ryan DeMoor (Part 2 of 2)

Owners and operators of business aviation expect the financials of their private aircraft to be aligned with IRS, FAA, and possibly SEC rules.  But, for directors and chief pilots… meeting this expectation is easier said than done. To help us today, Ryan DeMoor joins the show to continue sharing his […]