#37 | The “No Plane No Gain” Campaign w/ NBAA’s Dan Hubbard

Business aviation is a force multiplier… save time, produce more, reach prospects, keep customers, gain marketshare, increase earnings, grow profits; strategically, securely, safely.

THIS is business aviation, an industry that annually contributes $150B to the US economy, employs 1.2MM people, links rural areas to unlimited opportunity, and delivers humanitarian aid worldwide.

Educating policymakers and opinion leaders of this reality is the mission of No Plane No Gain… a collaboration between the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) and then General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).  Together they’ve created a campaign that quickly dispels headline myths and reveals the tangible and intangible benefits that business aviation brings to citizens, companies, communities and the country.

Dan Hubbard, Sr. VP Communications at NBAA is here to talk more, and help us carry this important advocacy torch.

The True Face of Business Aviation

Stories support the No Plane No Gain message… tales touting how business aviation helps companies win. From the company in a small town to local community airports to large Fortune flight operations, this program helps users attract and sustain business aviation.

But, like any high-visibility operation, pockets of misperception present headwinds. Sometimes these misunderstandings lead to meaningful discussions that improve outcomes for all. Other times, such resistance incorrectly slows progress or closes down operations all together. This friction exists across the population spectrum including Washington, regionally, and locally.

Beliefs drive behaviors. And, when business aviation opponents base decisions from skewed beliefs, No Plane No Gain is there to present facts. For instance, business aviation studies show that::

  • From 2007 to 2011 users of business aircraft grew their top line by a factor of 3.34 more than non-users on a weighted basis.
  • Business aviation users were more successful at returning value to shareholders, with Total Return (stock price appreciation + dividends) that was 245 percent higher than that of nonusers.
  • Operationally, users generated more income based on productivity and efficiency, outperforming in both EBITDA and Earnings (230 percent and 219 percent higher, respectively).

View The Studies Here

Using data like this, No Plane No Gain dispels rhetoric and helps ensure business aviation is truly understood by policy makers and opinion leaders in both Washington and the boardroom.

Carry The Message

Sponsoring ads on websites, television, and publications viewed and read by Washington policymakers, No Plane No Gain aims to present factual data to make the case for business aviation.

“Companies using business aviation overwhelmingly take top honors in revenue growth, innovation, employee satis- faction, and market share.“ -NBAA

In addition, the campaign hosts an effective, user and mobile-friendly website that presents testimonials and useful resources supporting the case for business aviation.

No cause can continue without support. You can help promote the No Plane No Gain message, too.

Visit the No Plane No Gain website

Tell Congress About Business Aviation's Benefits

Share Your Business Aviation Story

No Plane No Gain Campaign Resources

Takeaway: A Business Airplane is a Competitive Asset

First, like computing technology, manufacturing facilities, or customer-care call centers… business aircraft assets help users optimize opportunities that add top-line and bottom-line value. Produce more, earn more, serve more.

While competitors stay stuck in an office or wait at airline terminals, business aviation users are meeting in person, closing deals, and ensuring a prosperous future for their shareholder(s), employees, and communities.

FACT: Of the 5,171 public use airports in the United States, 499 have commercial service, while the 29 large hub airports account for 70 percent of all pas- senger enplanements.

Secondly, you have help. From purchasing to keeping to using a business airplane, No Plane No Gain provides you with the tools necessary for a preparing a strong business case for aircraft use.

A Personal Thank You

The No Plane No Gain program has long been on my  “A-List” guest roster for the Private Jet Podcast. Thank you Dan Hubbard for joining the show. And, thank you NBAA, GAMA, and the numerous people behind the the energy and effort that supports this campaign for the business aviation industry… an industry that supports my family, is useful (as discussed in the show), and that I love.

Mentioned In The Show

No Plane No Gain

Dan Hubbard


How has business aviation helped you? What benefits have you seen firsthand by having a business aircraft in your toolbox?

Tell us your tale at Share Your Story – No Plane No Gain, in the comments below, or confidentially here.

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