#46 | Identify, Recruit, Place Qualified Aviation Professionals w/ George Kythreotis

Get the right people on the bus, in the right seats.  First “who,” then “what.”  This is classic “Good to Great” thinking for business… and business aviation. With the right people flying, maintaining, and administering your private aviation activities, risk goes down, value goes up.  Think, maximum ROI.

But, how do we search, screen, and secure the right temporary or permanent people-match for our specific business aviation needs and requirements?

George Kythreotis has some answers. He is Vice President and General Manager at Jet Professionals, the wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Aviation, a General Dynamics company.

Staffing Answers

Jet Professionals’ mission is to identify, recruit, and place the most qualified aviation candidates worldwide.  George joined Jet Aviation’s HR team in 2000 rising to VP of HR in 2005 and Managing Director in 2009.

He’s graciously giving us time today to help you staff your business aviation operation smart. We discuss…

  • What are today's business aviation staffing challenges?
  • What frustrates owners and operators when staffing their individual flight operation?  (the answer is surprisingly simple)
  • What are common staffing mistakes?
  • What does “Identify, Recruit, Place Qualified Candidates” look like?
  • What part of staffing makes an owner or operator smile?

Mentioned In The Show

Jet Professionals: 800-441-6016

George Kythreotis on LinkedIn


What staffing questions can we help you answer?  Use the above links to reach George or email Tom confidentially here.

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