Archives for January 2014

PJP 021 | Aviation HR (part 1 of 3): Finding & Hiring Aviation Leaders w/ VanAllen’s Pete Agur & Don Henderson

In my business aviation career, I’ve personally noticed the link between more risk and the wrong people. What’s odd is that the people who can afford business aviation usually achieved such ability because they were experts at finding the right people to run things (their ventures, businesses, products, services, fortunes). […]

PJP 020 | Collaborative Crews Protect You

In this episode, we’re talking people. Specifically how well your people in aviation work together (or don’t) to protect you, your interests, and your asset(s). Do they collaborate?  Or, are they divided?  How do you know?  And, what can you do to ensure synergy among your crewmembers? Since your airplane […]