PJP 019 | SurfAir “All-You-Can-Fly” w/ Wade Eyerly

Commuting between Los Angeles to San Francisco can be a real hassle… unless you're a SurfAir Member!

Today, CEO Wade Eyerly joins the show to share how his company SurfAir is helping Californians save time, grow relationships, drive their business's economic engines, and still be home in time for little league.

If you travel frequently between L.A. and San Francisco (or vice versa), it might be time to see what simple and convenient private air travel should look like aboard SurfAir.

How much easier would your travels be, and how much more could you achieve, if you had:

  • No airport lines or TSA hassles
  • 30 second booking / canceling
  • A member-only traveler community
  • No hidden fees

As Wade tells, SurfAir Members are finding out for themselves.

You'll find Wade to be very intellectual, intuitive, and informed… a real leader in every sense of the word.

Their are travel takeaways and business takeaways in this show. Download it or listen above… then, grab a SurfAir membership and see for yourself that commuting between Los Angeles and San Francisco (or vice versa) CAN be simple, first-class, and beneficial to your business and family life!


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