#54 | Privatization of Air Traffic Control, AIRR Act – HR 2997 w/ NBAA’s Dan Hubbard

The AIRR Act – H.R.2997 is a bill designed to reauthorize Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding, which runs out September 30th, 2017.

But, it contains language for privatizing air traffic control (ATC) by handing the ATC current system to a non-for-profit corporate entity, empowered with taxing authority and overseen by a board NOT accountable to Congress

The bill describes a board that seems to be more aligned with airline control agendas than general aviation’s (business aviation’s) $219 billion, 1.1 million jobs economic contribution in communities large and small across America.

So, what does H.R. 2997 mean to you, the private aircraft owner, operator, principle or passenger?

To help us sort out the facts of the Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act, H.R. 2997 is Dan Hubbard.

He is SVP of communications for NBAA and an experienced grassroots, governmental and political communications expert having served in numerous public affairs roles in the aviation and aerospace sectors. He joined us back in episode #37 where we discussed NBAA’s No Plane No Gain program.

We’re VERY lucky to have him on the show again today to decipher the ATC Privatization debacle.

The debate is about the fact that the board is unaccountable to Congress…  Once the aviation system is moved to a private entity, and the board can make all the aviation decisions without accountability to Congress… really, anything can happen.

ATC Privatization Episode Discussions

  • What problem does HR 2997, Air Traffic Control (ATC) Privatization solve?
  • Why hand off (for free) our nation's taxpayer funded aviation assets to a private board not accountable to Congress?
  • What is the difference in HR 2997 between ATC privatization vs. ATC modernization?
  • Under HR 2997, who gets central control of the USA's aviation system?
  • According to the DOT, does our current ATC system or airline scheduling cause air travel delays
  • Who will have power to protect our aviation system under HR 2997, Congress or a private corporate entity?
  • Will HR 2997 trigger user fees, verses the current fuel tax, for business aviation activities?
  • Will business aviation be represented on the the HR 2997 private entity board?

Does My Call to Congress Matter?

Yes! Absolutely! 100%!

The general aviation (business aviation) community has been very effective over the years by raising its collective, unified voice on issues that cause concern like HR 2997. Here's how you can help:

Email:  http://www.nbaa.org/action

Phone:  1-833-GA-VOICE

Contact your member of Congress to voice your opposition to HR 2997. No debate is necessary in your message. Instead, simply share your opposition to the AIRR Act HR 2997 by email, phone, or both.

Your Opinion?

Do you believe privatizing the United State's Air Traffic Control system is good for your business aviation ventures?  Share your feedback below, or with me directly here.

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