#34 | How To Mitigate Operational Mistakes w/ Dan Dominguez from OpenSafety

The saying goes, “Good judgement comes from experience… and experience comes from bad judgement.” As a business aviation owner or operator, you expect your team to have both good judgement AND experience. Both protect your interests.

However, mistake moments will happen. Pilots miss a required check. Maintenance Technicians miss a repair step. We humans make errors. But, what if we could capture these errors and share the lessons learned so the experience and judgement bank accounts fill faster, no matter one's tenure?

It's called Safety Reporting and in this episode, you'll hear Dan Dominguez from Open Safety discuss the hard data available on aircraft operations that can help you minimize real risk while maximizing real return in the metric most important to you.

What Is Aviation Safety Reporting?

Safety reporting is simply voluntary disclosure of low-margin safety situations without negative administrative action. From poor planning to flying tired to landing long, sharing stories of bad judgement prevents repetitive problems that can harm people and pocket books!

This collaborative model was adopted long ago by airlines. And, the concept is slowly creeping into business aviation. To help foster safety reporting among private, charter, and corporate flight operations, Dan Dominguez founded OpenSafety.

OpenSafety's Solution

OpenSafety anonymously collects stories of risk from contributors on the front line, across multiple business aviation platforms including flight crews, maintenance technicians, schedulers/dispatchers and management, and reports the resulting real-time risk analysis so member owners and operators can make decisions that reduce error risk and protect aviation interests.

In addition, the OpenSafety program works with new and existing SMS platforms while also satisfying the FAA and EASA fatigue reporting and management requirements. All anonymous, assuring reports are timely, accurate, and useful.

Dan covers everything above and more during our discussion in this episode. From small single-engine airplane to globe trotting jet… after listening to this episode you'll walk away with a clear safety reporting picture that, when implemented, will improve your business aviation results.

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Dan Dominguez, MBA, CAM, Founder OpenSafety


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