#52 | Finding & Filling Charter Jet Flights w/ Paul Mulko & OpenPoint.co

Almost every business aviation user has chartered (rented) aircraft to meet their on-demand travel needs. But, until recently, finding available charter aircraft and the associated trip cost was a painful process that took too much time.

First we needed to know who provided private aircraft. Then, we had to call each vendor to find out if their jet was available for us to use (vs. already rented).

Finally, we had to request and wait for a trip quote. Ugh.

Email sped this process up somewhat. But, until recently finding and filling charter jet flights was a time-consuming task for passengers, personal assistants, and professional brokers.

Not. Any. More.

Enter OpenPoint.co… the first open and free to use map-based business aviation search platform designed to quickly search and request trip pricing from any charter aircraft provider in the world.

OpenPoint works for brokers, too… making receiving and sending quote requests, selling empty legs, and researching hourly rates practical and profitable again.

To tell us more about OpenPoint, we’re joined by Paul Mulko from FlyEasy Software, the company that created this outstanding tool and that offers a suite of products and services for many of the world’s largest and smallest business aviation providers.

What is OpenPoint.co?

OpenPoint.co is an air charter visual discovery map that allows you to see every charter operator, solicit trip costs, and/or secure seats on empty charter legs for discount prices.

OpenPoint does NOT get involved in the purchase of an actual trip. Instead, the platform simplifies the the “find a jet, find a seat on a jet” process for passengers, personal/executive assistants, and professional brokers.

Using OpenPoint

When you visit OpenPoint.co, simply fill out a charter quote request.  OpenPoint will then provide charter options with pricing.

The system also provides tools for brokers to track quote requests and open rates/response times for client quote requests.

Finding Charter Jet Empty Legs

And, OpenPoint.co shows empty-leg flights. These are one-way reposition flights that the aircraft owner/operator often sells at a discount to offset associated reposition costs.

For instance, a Challenger 350 is flying empty from Teterboro, USA to Chicago USA empty. The “normal” cost for this trip might be $12,000. But, because this is a reposition leg, the operator is offering the trip at $7500.

If your travel plans are flexible, you can connect with opportunities like this through OpenPoint.

Selling More Jet Charter Trips

FlyEasy Software, creators of OpenPoint, also offer Operator Toolkit and Broker Assist. Each come with a series of tools that operators and brokers can use for marketing, automation, and retail processes.

For example, some charter operator websites offer instant trip quoting to help convert anonymous visitors into contacts. That's FlyEasy's software.

And, these tools allow operators to display empty legs for sale on their own company website for retail client purchase.

Finally, FlyEasy offers a mapping system for NBAA's AirMail allowing users to view needs (people asking for a trip quote) and haves (operators with empty legs to sell at a discount).

This means huge time savings via. alerts vs. browsing forum listings hoping to find a passenger/trip match.

If you wanted to fly from NY to FL when an empty charter leg became available, you would receive an email when an empty leg from NY to FL became available. Easy!

Sourcing Charter Jets Made Simple

Built from recommendations by air charter operators, OpenPoint makes it VERY easy for the public to find jets for rent and for private charter companies to market available charter aircraft.

If you're booking business jets for private travel by yourself or your principle(s), check out OpenPoint.co today.

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FlyEasy Software

Email Paul Mulko: Paul (at) FlyEasy.co

Call Paul Mulko: 416-358-6083 (mention you heard him on the Private Jet Podcast)

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