#35 | Vital Communication Skills For Safer Operations w/ Summit Solution’s Founder Jodie Brown

Communicating clearly reduces operational and safety headwinds in business aviation. So, today we're covering communication skills you can implement right away to manage your aviation assets faster, leaner, and safer no matter what chair you sit in; pilot, passenger, owner, or operator.

To teach us better communication for business aviation, Jodie Brown from Summit Solutions joins the show. Jodie is an internationally respected business aviation leader and has helped major aircraft manufacturers, Fortune flight departments, and individual owners get communicating right so performance goes up while problems go away.

Communication Techniques & Tools

Jodie provided a continuous flow of useful discussions and examples on everyday dilemmas that we can fix now to reduce risk and increase value in our business aviation ventures.

  • Psychology Secrets, Incl. Intent, Structure, & Expectations
  • Handling Interruptions (at 8:00)
  • How to Disarm Aggression (at 15:00)
  • Asking Questions (at 16:45)
  • Listening To The Message (at 19:15)
  • Email (at 21:15)
  • Ending Sentences Strong (at 25:00)
  • Importance of Eye Contact (w/ Passengers) (at 28:40)
  • Overcoming Overreactions (at 32:00)
  • Having Boundaries (at 36:15)
  • Candor (at 39:50)
  • Staying On Target (42:15)
  • Editing Emails (at 48:15)
  • Owner & Operator Communications (at 51:45)

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What communication skills have YOU had success with in your business aviation endeavors? What's worked / not worked?

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