PJP 016 | Earn Aircraft Revenue Without Traditional Charter w/ Brandon Kearns

If you own or operate a business aircraft, then you've likely been approached about placing your private jet on charter.

Essentially, charter is renting your entire aircraft to another party. But, the associated additional flight time from charter also adds hours to your airframe, wear and tear to your airplane, and in my opinion… increases your risk. It's for some… it's not for others.

A Real Income Alternative

So, how else can a jet owner offset ownership and/or operating costs without relying on traditional aircraft charter for revenue?

To help us answer that question we're joined in this episode by Brandon Kearns, ATP Pilot and Director of Operations at Angel Med Flight / Aviation West Charters. Brandon brings decades of experience in the business aviation arena and shares a proven, time-tested, meaningful way to:

  • Earn revenue with your private jet without charter
  • Differentiate yourself as business jet owner / operator
  • Make a massive impact in people's lives with work that matters

Your Jet, Impacting Others

Too busy right now to listen to the show? Then watch this 1 minute video and see for yourself the real difference that your private jet can make in people's lives.

Mentioned In The Show

Angel Med Flight

Brandon Kearns:  480-285-9358

Email:  bkearns AT aviationwestcharters.com

NOTE:  Aviation West Charters (dba. Angel MedFlight) FAA F.A.R. Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate Holder (Certificate Number: 7WFA131N)

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