Archives for May 2013

PJP 009 | Rent A Jet – Here’s How

Few people have the resources to fly privately. It’s an exclusive club, for sure. But for some emerging entrepreneurs and rising-star business executives, the barriers to entry for private jet travel have lowered, significantly. Today, one can rent a jet for a reasonable cost. But why rent? And, how exactly […]

PJP 008 | Simple Safety Solutions For Private Jets

In this episode you’ll learn three simple safety solutions you can use to reduce risk and increase safety for you, your people or family, and your private jet. Safety success in aviation is often compared to links in a chain. When all the links in a safety chain stay connected, […]

International Procedures Trainings (for crews)

Scott International Procedures Course (IPC) helps keep your flight crews successfully fly you, your team, or your family around the world with confidence. If you’re flying outside of the USA, then, you’ll need your flight crew to be trained on the latest policies and procedures for operating your private jet […]

Pilot Reliability Training (for crews)

A smart private jet owner or operator appreciates a safe pilot. And, a safe pilot appreciates good training that reduces risk and makes them better aviators. Convergent Performance provides an extra edge on safety with their Pilot Reliability Trainings. I’ve personally completed their course. It’s an affordable refresher for your […]