Fuelerlinx (shop & compare contract jet fuel prices)

Fuel is a massive expense in private jet operations. So, it makes sense to pay the lowest price per gallon. Fuelerlinx helps you do this by comparing fuel pricing at airports. It’s an Expedia for jet fuel shopping. Try them out today and mention you heard about them from The […]

General Aviation Manufacturers Association

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) exists to promote general aviation’s economic contributions and transportation service to communities, companies, and individuals around the world.  

No Plane No Gain (facts & data supporting private jet use in business)

No Plane No Gain is your one-stop resource for facts, data, and research supporting the use of private aviation to support companies, communities, citizens and our country. Sponsored by the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), No Plane No Gain is must-read material for […]

NBAA National Business Aircraft Association (industry advocacy group)

NBAA is simply a must-join organization if you own, operate, or fly on a private aircraft. This important organization helps protect your interests as an principal, partner, or passenger utilizing private and business aircraft. Join NBAA today.  www.nbaa.org

Upset Recovery Training (essential for your flight crews)

Two recent aviation disasters resulting in 278 deaths highlight the importance that your pilots have training on how to fly an airplane that is upset (upside down or in an unexpected attitude). See, both of these fatal crashes involved LOC (loss of control) of otherwise flyable aircraft. The industry leader […]

World Aircraft Sales (monthly expert publication)

This publication provides expert opinion and insider comments on private aviation. The monthly publication also provides AvBuyer weekly where you’ll find the latest private and business jets for sale. www.avbuyer.com

Aviation Research Group – ARGUS

ARGUS provides information necessary for informed decisions and risk management. Visit ARGUS at:  www.aviationresearch.com