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PJP 030 | Applying Business Aircraft Depreciation w/ Ryan DeMoor (Part 2 of 2)

Owners and operators of business aviation expect the financials of their private aircraft to be aligned with IRS, FAA, and possibly SEC rules.  But, for directors and chief pilots… meeting this expectation is easier said than done. To help us today, Ryan DeMoor joins the show to continue sharing his […]

NBAA Insider Publication (monthly industry publication)

The NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association) is the industry’s leading organization dedicated to supporting all aspects of business aviation. One way NBAA serves the professional aviation community is through their Business Aviation Insider publication.  It’s content covers key issues that affect owner and/or operating business aircraft.  Consider it essential reading for more […]

Flight Safety Foundation (safety organization)

This non-profit group provides useful safety guidance and resources for business aviation. The group’s unbiased position helps bridge cultural and political boundaries in the interest of common safety goals. The result? Safer business aviation operations! Join The Flight Safety Foundation today!

PJP 029 |Business Aircraft Depreciation w/ Ryan DeMoor (Part 1 of 2)

After a break for vacation and initial training, we’re back with new episodes on reducing risk and increasing value in business aviation. Improving The Numbers What if we could improve the financials of owning and operating business aircraft simply by accounting for the asset in a more strategic manner… with […]