Archives for March 2013

Fuelerlinx (shop & compare contract jet fuel prices)

Fuel is a massive expense in private jet operations. So, it makes sense to pay the lowest price per gallon. Fuelerlinx helps you do this by comparing fuel pricing at airports. It’s an Expedia for jet fuel shopping. Try them out today and mention you heard about them from The […]

PJP 006 | Facility Fundamentals For Private Jets

Once the right equipment (airplane) is secured, the next step is finding suitable facilities to store and support your private jet. But, what matters most… and what should you look for in ground-based assets to increase value and reduce risk? This episode delivers candid answers to these questions. And, I […]

PJP 005 | Private Jet Equipment Expectations

Too many private jet principals, partners, and passengers make the mistake of buying and relying on the wrong equipment. When this happens, expectations are not met… and everyone gets frustrated. In this episode you’ll learn three reasons why the right equipment matters so much: I’ll discuss how to match equipment […]